in my spare time

I feel like the last two posts I’ve written were really heavy so for a litter post, I want to share what my favorite pieces of media to enjoy in my spare time. I usually do posts about the books or tv shows I’ve enjoyed but this time, I will be sharing my favorite podcasts,Continue reading “in my spare time”

✨it’s time for a glow up✨

Hello all, I have spent the past few years trying to put myself back in order. Astrologers have said Capricorns have been going through it and I can confirm. I feel like I have been taking hit after hit and all while still living in a space that constantly brings so much stress and pain.Continue reading “✨it’s time for a glow up✨”


Just like the rest of y’all, these past couple of years has been stesssfuuullll. But I am trying to get things back together and get consistent with the things I enjoy again. I really missed blogging and making YouTube videos but I’ve felt this intense block. I felt like I had nothing interesting to sayContinue reading “sheeeeeeeeeeeesh”

The ‘Am I A Lesbian?’ Masterdoc is amazing.

Back in 2018, I often found myself swooning over garbage men and pretending like their horrible behavior was amazing. Though I identified as bisexual, I was still too afraid to date women. I mean, I still am. Approaching or asking out a woman or non-binary person feel scarier than asking out a man. I usedContinue reading “The ‘Am I A Lesbian?’ Masterdoc is amazing.”