ghost.| written July 10, 2019

He appeared as a ghost It wasn’t supposed to happen It was supposed to be different We were planning a future We were healing I was changing and growing I thought it would be better now But he appeared as a ghost 2:52am In my doorway. Questioning the whereabouts of his wine Trying to proveContinue reading “ghost.| written July 10, 2019”

32 Orchard Street| Pt. 1

“Okay,” Diane huffs, as she throws herself into the seat next to Calle, wiping the sweat from her perfect brows. Today, she went for a white button down to go under her yellow sweater, her black high waisted jeans showed her beautifully shaped ass and she definitely showed it off to the hot girl atContinue reading “32 Orchard Street| Pt. 1”

let’s take a chance

let’s take a chance what’s living in our truth let’s be authentic with ourselves always and completely let’s acknowledge when we must forgive ourselves, others, circumstances Let’s  be clear about what we need, always and allow ourselves to be responsible about that we are made of love and deserve love. I am now aware ofContinue reading “let’s take a chance”

to all the boys who never loved me

I obviously had a year of some mild heartbreak…… To All The Boys Who Never Loved Me I’d like to say you’re stupid how could you choose the skip over my expensive hopeless romantic love how dumb could you be the skip over all this treasure the fall for knock-off love To All The BoysContinue reading “to all the boys who never loved me”


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I have a feelings it’s going to be a GREAT year!!! I’M STARTING OFF THE NEW YEAR WITH POEMS!!! I WROTE A BUNCH BEFORE THE YEAR ENDED! Intertwined connected like trees who’ve grown together connected like souls who have unknowingly morphed together sometimes, I don’t know what’s yours and what’s mine sometimesContinue reading “Intertwined”

Written in class. I think it’s a poem.

It’s kinda shit but, it eased a little tension for me. It’s not named. Maybe I can name it… Her.  How could he not see her? Years of being near her. Years of conversations he never read into Moments he could never see as anything more than what it was. It wasn’t until now, HerContinue reading “Written in class. I think it’s a poem.”

End of a long week + snippet of a short story.

Hey-ho. I had a week that was so long and tiring. I feel like I’ve dragged myself to this finish line. I am finally going back home in about an hour and I am going to be with my awesome family and home friends. I really can’t wait. All of my classes had us doingContinue reading “End of a long week + snippet of a short story.”