Written in class. I think it’s a poem.

It’s kinda shit but, it eased a little tension for me. It’s not named. Maybe I can name it… Her.  How could he not see her? Years of being near her. Years of conversations he never read into Moments he could never see as anything more than what it was. It wasn’t until now, HerContinue reading “Written in class. I think it’s a poem.”

End of a long week + snippet of a short story.

Hey-ho. I had a week that was so long and tiring. I feel like I’ve dragged myself to this finish line. I am finally going back home in about an hour and I am going to be with my awesome family and home friends. I really can’t wait. All of my classes had us doingContinue reading “End of a long week + snippet of a short story.”

Day 2: Hot Chocolate

A Chocolate Carol “Come on, Marissa! Get up! Let’s go!” Gabriela bellowed while plopping herself on Marissa’s bed. “No. Shut up. I am a sleeping and it is Saturday and Christmas eve eve. Go to sleep.” Marissa grumbled in response. “It. Is. Noon. GET UP! WE NEED TO GO!” “Shit. It’s noon? Ugh. Go where?”Marissa started stretching in herContinue reading “Day 2: Hot Chocolate”