my favorite writing resources 

I am not a taught writer and so sometimes i feel like i’m lacking. I wonder if i’m writing a scene using the right amount of emotion or care and so i spend a stupid amount of time devouring resources to give me a better One stop for writers is an amazing resource because itContinue reading “my favorite writing resources “

I think of love as such a tentative thing.

I think of love as such a tentative thing. I think that if I get close If I try and touch it,  If I hold it in my hand, it will break Crumble Burn Disappear. The moments when I feel like I could love I could be loved I hesitate I feel the crumble.  IContinue reading “I think of love as such a tentative thing.”

ghost.| written July 10, 2019

He appeared as a ghost It wasn’t supposed to happen It was supposed to be different We were planning a future We were healing I was changing and growing I thought it would be better now But he appeared as a ghost 2:52am In my doorway. Questioning the whereabouts of his wine Trying to proveContinue reading “ghost.| written July 10, 2019”