Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Hello, All! I haven't been on my blog for such a long time because of school! Also, I've been trying to figure things out for myself. I've just felt really lost lately. I've been reading books instead of studying and finally I decided to read Fangirl. Fangirl was so amazing! I seriously loved this book! [...]

Am I enough?

Looking back at how I grew up, I'd say I was pretty fortunate. My parents loved me and would buy me anything. My oldest sisters were in their 20's so they would always take me and my other sister, who is two years older than me, to kiddie shows and events. It was great. I [...]


Hey guys! Let's start this thing! Let me start by saying I used to be so against audiobooks. I believed if you want to read a book then READ it but recently. I've been loving them! I enjoy listening to them while I'm reading or listening while I'm doing other things you can't normally d [...]

To New Beginnings!

Hello Everyone! It's weird starting off an introduction. I've read other book blogger's intros in the hopes I'd get some inspiration but it's still difficult to begin. I'll just in throw information about me. My name is Djenne: pronounced Jah-Nay. I live in New York and I love it here but I'd love to live [...]

The Books in Between

Howdy! So.. Starting this whole post every Wednesday thing! Look out for the fun! These are the books in between series because I freaking love series! So after finishing the beautiful Thorne of Glass series I gave myself six days to finish these three books. The first that I finished was The Giver by Lois [...]

I’m back!!

Hello, all! I am back from my vacation and I wanted to update my blog! I'm still talking to my gift from the universe. He is a really nice kid and through him, I can see the struggle that so many people my age deal with.. the lack of independence and freaking money. Geez. but [...]