“Are you guys on drugs?”| 32 Orchard Street

Calle and Shay laid huddled together on the couch in the living room. Almost in the exact same position they were in when they were on that abandoned road. “I-I’ll pick up Leo from school,” Diane mutters. With that, Shay finally looked up at Diane. Her eyes were full of something Diane had never seenContinue reading ““Are you guys on drugs?”| 32 Orchard Street”

Welcome to 32 Orchard Street.

“Okay,” Diane huffs, as she throws herself into the seat next to Calle, wiping the sweat from her perfect brows. Today, she went for a white button-down to go under her yellow sweater, her black high waisted jeans showed her beautifully shaped ass and she definitely showed it off to the hot girl at theContinue reading “Welcome to 32 Orchard Street.”