Comic book reads!


I hope all is well, Everyone! I am sending positive vibes out to you for this weekend.

For my 16-19 books, I’ve read Ms. Marvel. To be honest, this was the first superhero comic that I’ve read. I went on a comic spree and I bought loads of them but I haven’t read them. I love everything superhero so I was so proud of myself when I finished reading all these comics and even more proud when I realized that these 4 comics helped me reach my reading goals!

I have no complaints 5 stars for my captain!


5 stars for Ms.Marvel. I love my superheroes of color!


Harley Quinn is my love so 5 stars for the suicide squad


Ummm… have you not gotten what I’m doing here? These comics were gold and deadpan? Seriously?? I cracked up reading this. 10 points for Deadpool!! (5 stars)

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