To New Beginnings!

Hello Everyone!

It’s weird starting off an introduction. I’ve read other book blogger’s intros in the hopes I’d get some inspiration but it’s still difficult to begin. I’ll just in throw information about me.

My name is Djenne: pronounced Jah-Nay. I live in New York and I love it here but I’d love to live in London and to travel and see the world. I’m currently studying Media Arts in college and after I get my associates I might major in English or something. I’m not quite sure yet. I’m 19, my love for reading started when I was about 14. I read a bit when I was younger but I hated the idea of writing about my books after or while I was reading them so I didn’t read for pleasure.

The books that I enjoy reading are mostly sci/fi fantasy. I love it so much. My beautiful series! I also enjoy classics and those romances that make me swoon. I love them! and let’s forget comics/graphic novels. I am a superheroes fan. I love Marvel more than DC but I still do enjoy the comics, TV shows and movies.

I’m also a huge foodie so if you see any food posts, don’t be surprised.

That is all. I can’t wait to start blogging! See you soon!

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