Chill Days

Hey! So, I can only speak for myself when I say that people exhaust me. I love hanging out with my friends and family. I love laughing, debating, hugs and cuddles. All that great stuff but when I hang out with a bunch of people for like a week straight. Actually, even a few days of just full days with so many people, I stress out. So, I take chill days. Those days just for myself to chill!

I think taking a day or two to yourself is important. It’s a day to clear your head and just recharge. I am very introverted and these days are great. On these days, I’d lay in bed all day watching tv and drinking tea or I’d write and read or clean. There’s something about just taking the time to myself to be totally alone. It’s cleansing and relaxing. Especially lighting a yummy smelling candle.

This is my favorite. I’m actually doing it now. Watching Rick&Morty, writing and painting my nails. All by myself.

Take a day to yourself. Cook a new meal, start up a new skill, binge a new show. Write? Just be by yourself, in your own space and enjoy!

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