Written in class. I think it’s a poem.

It’s kinda shit but, it eased a little tension for me. It’s not named. Maybe I can name it…

How could he not see her?
Years of being near her.
Years of conversations he never read into
Moments he could never see as anything more than what it was.
It wasn’t until now,
Her unavailability but friendliness is what finally draws him to her.
Now, he longs for her.
He reads into her friendliness with hope
That it’s coming from more than lust.
He gives himself longing.
Being quiet in moments she allows him to speak his truth.
He can’t see her as someone who can love him.
He can’t see her as someone who wants him,
So he keeps her in the dark.
After all that was said and done.
After everything was ignored.
He wants her, wants to hold her,
To touch her but
Can’t be near her.
Knowing there is no readiness for this romance.
The not knowing, unknown
Of what is to come or what could happen,
Can he enjoy her company without touch, without lust, or without love.
Or can silence be the only answer.

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