Late night post

Hello, my week was long and filled with trash and all I want to do is sleep. I’m gonna keep this pretty post short and sweet because I am so delirious.

I spent this whole week trying to manage my mental health and all my stupid midterms. It was so exhausting. I don’t want to dwell on the sad. I just want to announce that my cat, who has been with me my whole life, has passed away. She was really old and it was expected but the thought of her being gone breaks my heart. It’s also strange to actually accept her being gone since I am not home. When I do go home, I can imagine how heartbreaking it will be.

Positives though, I had so much fun with my roommate Alex all week. We laughed so much. I went to that Jock O’ Ween fest in Sleepy Hallow. I’m gonna post a youtube video soon but in the meantime, check my personal Instagram @djenne.g. It was fun and free because I was helping my friends out with their project.

A relationship issue that has been bothering me for a week or two now has finally been resolved. I did not have a panic attack this week. Instead, I treated myself to some Panera Bread. I had broccoli cheddar and those yummy pumpkin muffies. Tonight, I’m making myself hot wings and potato salad and listening to as many audiobooks as possible this weekend. I am treating myself to leisure reading and binging TV shows. I am excited for a little break this weekend. I’ve had a constant headache all week, along with nausea. I just want to lay in bed. If you like, you can send some money to my PayPal for some take out this week. lol. (but if you’d like the link is in my About Me.

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