**This is late because I’m in class and then I’m going grocery shopping (I bought tacos, yogurt, plantain, wine and soon I’ll be eating pie… yea, I’m kinda in my feelings)

Yo, COLLEGE IS STRESSFUL! Lol. I’ve spent my morning trying to catch up on all my work and my reading which was WILD. I got it done but I was shooooook. I did all my senior project work, without doing any of my perfected edits. Hopefully, I’ll do it tonight while wine drunk and pie-filled. I have no class tomorrow so this isn’t irresponsible, I promise.

One thing that I’m really learning is not to listen to other peoples opinions on my life. I feel like it’s damned me so many times listening to other people and feeling like their thoughts and feelings towards my situations are right. I’ve been pretty sad lately because I’ve noticed how many blessings I didn’t take because I chose to listen to other people. I’ve lost people and things that truly make me happy because I followed the advice of people who didn’t live my life or understand my situations. Now I need to live through my own consequences and hold myself accountable for following someone else’s advice instead of following my own intuition.

This blog will be short because I’m kinda stressed and in my feelings. I hope you enjoy. I’m gonna plan out blog posts for the future.

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