My Senior Project

Hey! I am sad today but at least I got paid and I mean PAID because I picked up an extra shift so… MORE MONEY!

I’m looking forward to going home this weekend. I’m trying to get my Senior Project done, I will refer to it as SP for the remainder of this post.

My senior project will be about the representation of black people in science fiction literature. I was going to write about people of color in general but it would be too grand. I’ve been discussing why black people aren’t too into sci-fi and I realized it would be far too intense to gather all the information for people of color in America.

The perk of writing this project is really about the many black female writers who are KILLING the game in sci-fi. Octavia E. Butler is a queen who was one of the first black science fiction writers.

I’m mostly talking about this because I really want to get up to ten pages of my project before I go home tomorrow but I just started watching Grey’s Anatomy. I’m really hoping I get my project done. This show is just pretty damn good!

I’m gonna get back to the show! Lol.

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