“get very very drunk”| 32 orchard street

Later that day, they all arrive at Luna’s race. Shay and Diane are of course not speaking to each other so Calle, Leo, and Violet tried to entertain each other while drinking wine and watching people run. 

“Calle! Did you bring those cookies you were baking?” asked Leo

Calle took a moment and then replied “Oh! No! I forgot! At least we could have them at home!” She knew her response was too enthusiastic but she hoped the excessive wine drinking would mask it.

Leo walked over to Calle and whispered in her ear, “so, you made those love spell cookies?”

Calle froze for a second and wondered if she should lie and make something up but instead, she decided to just tell the truth. “Yes, I made them BUT I now realize it was a bad idea and now I have no idea what to do with them. Do you have anyone you want to cast a spell on?” The only issue, of course, is that Leo always knew when Calle was up to something. It’s like Leo just knows when secrets need to be told. It’s their gift. Since Leo found out that she was a witch, Calle would tell them all of her favorite spells, and Leo would sit with her and study them all. Calle knew that Leo could be an amazing witch if they really wanted to.

“The only people who need a spell cast on them are Diane and Shay but I don’t think things will end well when they find out. We will just keep it between us and I can hand them out at school later. There is an incredibly gay bully that has a crush on the nerdy boy. It’s too much of a cliche. I’ll sort out the rest later.”

“Sounds perfect. Thank you. Diane almost caught me earlier!” She snorted, chugging the last of her wine and switching to whiskey.

“You are going to get very very drunk.”

“Yes, that is the entire point of watching people do sports. Isn’t it? Want a sip?”

“No. No thank you.” Leo looked at the running people. Waiting to see Luna run by, sipping their bottle of water. 

When Leo spotted her, they told everyone in the group and they all hooted and hollered. Supporting their friend. She ran by wearing a trans pride flag tied onto her like a cape. 

Luna ran by just for a drink of water, then pulled Calle in for a kiss before she continued on with the race.

After she’d left, they all lounged around, cheering on the other runners while mostly just getting drunk. Leo pulled out their laptop and started studying their neurology notes. They wanted to get their work done before the Christmas party tomorrow.

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