32 Orchard Street’s New Years Resolutions

Diane Maya Johnson, 25: “My plans for the new year are to actually start jogging at least twice a week. I haven’t been working out but I do want to be fit. I would also like to make sure that I can protect my friends by perfecting this damned protection spell. Grandma gave me this recipe but it doesn’t seem to be working. Following recipes are one thing but making sure you have the right energy when making it is another. I have no idea how not to panic every time I turn on the burner. Last but not least, I want to finish my book and self-publish. I already have a pretty good following so I know it will do well once I get the pages back from my beta readers and critique partners.”

Luna Lee Lewis, 21: “I don’t really do resolutions but I guess I hope I can get these cute ass platform shoes. They go really well with the new skirt I got. Oh! I would also like to go on a getaway trip with Calle. I’m planning on for her birthday.”

Violet Lewanda Thomas, 20: “If resolutions were magical wishes I would change this entire planet I would end capitalism, racism, homophobia– basically everything wrong on this stupid flying rock but I guess I can settle on finding a good therapist.”

Ashaina ‘Shay’ Louise Williams , 25: “I want to see my art at The Shed. That is my goal. I would also love being financially stable doing art…”

Leo Juniper Williams, 17: “I’m just trying to graduate and get into my dream school. It would be nice if I am also in my very first relationship but only time will tell.”

Calle Asami Garcia-Chiba, 22: “I just want to end who or whatever is threatening the lives of my friends. A lead would be lovely.”

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