The Summer of Writing

Hello All!

My junior year is coming to an end. THANK GOD! I am definitely stressed but I’m also really excited for summer to begin!

I want this summer to be fun and filled with writing and reading. By this time next year, I hope to be graduating college with my Bachelor’s degree which means that I have to write my 40-page senior project. I definitely want to start writing this summer along with blogging and writing my novel!!!

I’ve been so excited, I even compiled a summer to do list!

Summer List:
Go to three museums
Go to the pool, a waterpark and/or a beach
BookCon (I got tickets. Let me know if you’re going!)
Read (Leisure and for my Senior Project)
Find places to write
Go to writing workshops
Go to 3 writing/reading events (BookCon counts)
Walk. LOADS! Across bridges, around parks, etc.
Clothes shopping (I feel like I have no clothes)
Botanic Gardens (Flowers make me sneeze but they’re so pretty)
FOOOOOD! I want to try out restaurants and recipes. I will be going vegan this summer so hit me up with some recommendations!
(I also want to show some restaurants and recipes of my own so look out for my channel as well as my blog)
I want to revamp my youtube channel and post some vlogs so check me out!
I also want to hang out with my best friends and my loving family. I miss them all. My summer will be amazing with them all with me.

I want to prepare myself, for my summer of fun and writing so I’ve gotta pile up on some stationery!

My go-to journal has always been Moleskine notebooks. They’re so nice and I always love that pocket in the back of the journals where I store memories. I currently have a small notebook for bullet journaling and a bigger Hufflepuff (my Hogwarts house) notebook. That will be for my creative writing and thoughts. I just need to buy one for my Senior Project writing and ideas. I’m just debating if I should get a cute color or just go black.

To go along with my journals, I tend to have lost pages in my journals. One day, I’d write a story and the next, it would be a journal entry. I don’t have a way of organizing my journals so I want to get one of those post-its tabs. They will also help with my summer reading. I need to read books for my Senior Project and I’d need to label some parts for quotes.

I’ve been really dying to buy loads of black pens (for some reason, I hate blue pens). I want to find the perfect pen for me and then buy loads. I am on a pen journal, Y’all!

I have so many highlighters, markers, pencils and colored pens. I just checked out my stash and I have way more than I thought I had. I love Zebra Mildliner highlighters. They’re aesthetic and pretty af.

I want to get on this stationery aesthetic flow lol. I’ve been doing my research. I want to be more organized and get myself focused on life. Enjoying every day with my family, friends and my passions, writing and reading. This summer will be brilliant!

Finals recommendations:
Remember that college is just college. It doesn’t define who you are. If you fail a class, it’s really frustrating but you will get through it. There is so much pressure that comes with college and everyone telling you to be perfect in all of your studies. It’s really difficult. it’s important to take a step back and check in with yourself and you’re feeling. if you’re like me. You’d probably try to avoid everyone until the stress of finals is over. I’ve also been becoming a stress-eater which sucks. I want to start jogging to get off this stress weight.

Take a bath, drink tea, stress eat if you need to. Eat your comfort foods, and live in a comfortable sweater. Just remember to do the little things that make you happy. I went to see Infinity War twice and talked with my best friends. Go party and also organize your time so that you don’t have a pile-up of things at the very last second.

I’ve been rereading the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. It helps to reread novels while I’m stressing because I already know how the story ends so I don’t need to focus too hard on what is happening in the story.

I just finished binging Brooklyn Nine-Nine which was AMAZING! It broke my heart when I was all caught up this morning. Now, what do I watch?

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