I am doing a 25 days of Christmas using the characters from 32 Orchard Street.

Now these stories will most likely be unedited every time I post. They may be incredibly short or incredibly long and most likely grammatically incorrect. If you see something, feel free to say something or just read along.

This is my way of challenging myself to write. I am doing this for myself and I also wanted to share with you all because these characters are close to my heart. I am still finding their voices and how they are and I believe that in doing this challenge, I will find it. I am so excited about this and I hope you guys enjoy!

Merry Christmas!

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December 1: Star

“Alright, kiddies! It’s time for us to decorate the tree!” Calle yells from the top of the stairs.


Diane and Leo sit in their living room sipping their hot chocolates. The pair of them have a deep love for Christmas. They wear matching pajamas that Shay gave them two christmases ago and enjoying 25 days of christmas on Freeform. The house has already been decorated with christmas lights in each room and the hallways on all three floors. The bathrooms, couches, kitchen and some bedrooms now have christmas decor. Shower curtains, rugs, dish towels, wash cloths, soap dispensers, throw blankets. You name it, there is christmas on it and all due to these two christmas lovers.


“FINALLY! We have been waiting for too long.” Diane says bouncing off the couch in excitement and catching the bucket full of ornaments Calle sent flying down the stairs.

“It was a nice thought waiting until Violet and Luna before we got to the tree butI love having the tree up right after Halloween. It’s weird enough not being able to celebrate with our parents,” Leo said sighing


“I’m sorry about that kid,” Diane says as she reaches to put Leo just as a flying wreath zooms at her head.


“Calle, stop floating things around the house if you can’t see where it’s going. That wreath almost knocked me out!”


“Sorry. That’s the last of everything your grandmother had. Now all we need is a tree!”


“Shay said she will pick them up on her way home.”


“I just hope she picks a good tree. Last year she picked up an old, ragged tree and we were just stuck with the ugly little thing. I hope she has learned her lesson,” said Leo.



There was a knock at the door and Diane went to answer. 


“Hello, my  gay witches! I have arrived! I come baring ornaments, stars and some sweet treat!” Luna says all warm smiles. Her crimson afro stood out. She did her makeup today in a wild and beautiful way. Her eyelids had green eyeshadow with diamond studs rounding the brow to the lid. Her lips were a dark brown and her skin was just glowing. Luna’s makeup is always flawless so there is no surprise but Diane and Leo decided to gush about her look anyway.


Calle made her way downstairs and slammed into Luna showering her with hugs and kisses and taking a few boxes from her hands.


“Thanks, y’all know I always finesse. Violet will be here in a second. She was doing some code or something  in the car and refused to leave until she was done.” Luna shrugged and glided into the living room and began placing the new items in the room, Calle and Leo trailing behind.”


“OKAY! Since I was rudely abandoned in the car! How dare you, LuLu. I thought you loved me.” Yelled Violet from the doorway. She gave Diane a quick hug.



“I do love you. I am just incredibly impatient.” Luna already started eating the cookies she brought in. “I love you loads and look, you weren’t abandoned for too long! You can still help me unpack.”


“No thank you. I still haven’t finished my work. Diane, I will be in your room. Just call when Shay arrives. I will help with the tree.” she soon ran upstairs and they all heard the door slam behind her.


“Well Lulu, there is hot chocolate in the kitchen. I’ll get you a cup.”


“Add some bourbon, please! Make it strong.”


“Yep. The way you like your women, I get it.”


“You know me so well!” Luna squealed, picking up yet another cookie.


Diane strode in with bourbon in hand, pouring a hefty amount for Luna, then stirring it up and finishing it off with some whipped cream. Luna took it and took a big gulp and sighed gratefully. While Diane and Calle took shots.


“Where the hell is Shay?” Leo asked them.


“I don’t know, why don’t you text her.” Luna said taking yet another huge gulp.




“And there she is!” Leo chuckled.


They all got up to help Shay. Diane called up to Violet and within thirty minutes, everyone was in the house and forcing the tree into the stand and trying to angle it perfectly within the room. They’ve decided to put the tree in the corner to the right of the TV so that it can be seen while sitting down on the couch. Violet finally came downstairs and excitedly showed them all what she’s been working on. 


“I wanted to make this experience fun this year and on the way here, I thought of something really really cool. She placed an object on the center of the coffee table, stepped back and started typing something on her computer. 


And then… stars… 

 The entire room exploded in stars, close enough for them to touch. The room was filled with stars dying and being reborn and in the background, “All I want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey played on. 


Leo and Shay began to cry, holding each other up and Diane already mastered the ability to kill the stars and another would take its place, she was doing it with such joy. 


They all stood around playing with them all until finally, they looked up to Violet and went to hug her. She made their first holiday together special.


After all the tears were wiped, they all because to decorate their christmas tree. They stuck to no theme, they simply gathered all of their favorite pieces and put them on the tree. They arranged Diane grandparent’s christmas train set under the tree then moved on to decorating the room the leftover lights and garland. By the time they finished, the living room looked like a Winter Wonderland. 


They ended the night with the curtains closed, the Christmas lights on, Violet’s stars still glowing around the room. Mugs in each hand and Home Alone on the TV.



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