What happened to Leo? | 32 Orchard Street

“Alright, kids. It’s time for me to make us all some celebratory burgers! Prepare yourselves for JOY!” Calle half yelled and half slurred  to their crew making their way back into Diane’s house. Today they celebrated the fact that everyone has now moved into 32 Orchard Street. Violet was the last to move. Her mother refused to let her leave but after some persuading and a little bit of magic. The 20 year old is now living in a home with 4 other adults and a minor.

“I already ordered us all some sushi. No cooking for you. You drank an entire bottle of wine before drinking MY whiskey. Go and drink some water.” Diane said, now carrying Calle to the couch. She seemed to have lost her ability to walk the moment they got into the house. 

Diane dumped her there and Diane, Luna and Shay made their way to the kitchen to get ready for the sushi.

Luna was not happy to be doing this task with the only two people who refused to speak to each other. So she said as much and left the two of them in the kitchen. Snagging a cookie on her way out.

“If you ask me, your excessive drinking means that you are hiding something,” Violet muttered, sprawling herself out on the living room floor.

Calle stretched out on the couch, “well no one asked you, Vi Vi.” 

Luna finished chewing her cookie and threw her body on top of Calle as she laid on the couch.

For a few moments, in a house full of busy people there was silent… until they heard a scream.

Shay grabbed the heaviest pot and the rest of the women followed behind her to find the source of the scream.

Shay and Calle lead the group while Diane and Luna stayed in the back. Violet was surprised just how organized they’d gotten. The only sound in the hall was their footsteps and the women in the rear opening the doors to find what laid within. They’ve yet been able to find the source but then they found a hallway.

From what they all knew, there was no connecting hallway but here one was. A brand new hallway that was riddled with dust and cobwebs. Leo stood in front of the door at the end of the hall.

“Leo! Come here!”

Leo looked back at them, a confused look played across their face. The door behind Leo opened and the group of women ran to them. Arms reached out—too many arms. Shot out and pulled Leo in.

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