25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS- Day 2_hot chocolate

I am doing a 25 days of Christmas using the characters from 32 Orchard Street.

Now these stories will most likely be unedited every time I post. They may be incredibly short or incredibly long and most likely grammatically incorrect. If you see something, feel free to say something or just read along.

This is my way of challenging myself to write. I am doing this for myself and I also wanted to share with you all because these characters are close to my heart. I am still finding their voices and how they are and I believe that in doing this challenge, I will find it. I am so excited about this and I hope you guys enjoy!

Merry Christmas!

Don’t forget! I am also doing vlogmas! Check my channel!


Hello. This entire story was written on receipt paper. It was pretty dead at work when I realized I didn’t write a story.. so let’s go!!!

“Shay is still being so horrible. She is acting like I was the one who told her off about us being witches.” Diane says to violet. They were laying on Diane’s bed in their undies. They’d just came back from shopping and were caught in a snowstorm. The best idea both had was to remove their clothes and just lay in bed. They’ve been home for over an hour enjoying the warmth of the room and the comfort of being vulnerable with a close friend. They’d chat or browse on their phones.


“I’m sure she was just scared.” Violet responded distractedly. Her phone still in her face, her upper body half off the bed.


“I get that she was but why would she speak like that!” Diane shot up angrily.” Never apologize and then refuse to have a rational conversation with me?!”


“Do you not know your hot headed best friend?” Violet deadpans. Still hanging off the bed focused on whatever was on her phone.


“Yes but usually she  will calm town a bit. Enough for us to just talk but she’s been so shit lately”


“Well, so have you…”


“Yes!… But because she has been so mean. I just hate it!” Diane slumped back into her pillows.


“Well, she is a Scorpio…”


“That doesn’t mean she can ignore my feelings. What she said really hurt and she refuses to acknowledge it. Even Leo says she’s wrong.”


“Leo is always the voice of reason.”


“I want to talk to her again but I also want her to just say she’s sorry.”


“Good luck with that.”


“So I have to be the bigger person?”


Violet finally sat up and put her phone down. She looked at Diane and said, “No that isn’t fair to you. I think to you should wait until she apologizes. If what she said to you was that hurtful then as your best friend, she should apologize. Otherwise, it’s not worth it.” With that, Violet declares her need to pee and left the room. Leaving Diane to think about whether or not she and shat will ever get over this.


Hours later, Violet knocked out on Diane’s queen sized bed. Diane made her way downstairs in she and Shay’s matching Doctor Who tee shirts. They bought them at comic con a few years back and it’s been the best pajamas. Who doesn’t love a good tarsus tee?


She made her way into the kitchen. The only stream of light was from the living room. Someone forgot to turn off the Christmas lights. She swore she’s turn them off once she had her chamomile tea in hand. As she walked into the kitchen, she was surprised to see that it was occupied.


Shay sat sipping something  at the kitchen table. When she noticed Diane, her eyes widened, shoulders tended but soon they relaxed.


She got up from her seat, grabbed a mug from the closet, scooped some liquid from the pot on the stove and topped it with coconut whipped cream and cinnamon. She came back to the table and placed it in front of the seat next to her, indicating to Diane that she should sit down. So Diane did. Before sipping, she sniffed and silently mumbled a charm spell to ensure Shay wasn’t poisoning her. When she knew it was safe, she took a sip. Warm delicious chocolatey goodness spread through her mouth. The warmth spreading through her body. Shay was staring the entire time. Both of them lit by the moonlight streaming from the windows and the Christmas lights in the other room. 


After sometime of silent sipping, Shay said “ Diane I am so sorry for what I said.bit was wrong. I’ve been so stubborn. You mean the entire world to me and I know I hurt you. I knew what I said and did was wrong but I was just blinded by hurt and anger. I know you’ve been trying to protect us. I’m sorry. Shit. Thanks for not kicking Leo and I out of your home. I was such an idi-“


“Hey! It’s okay. I love you too. Thank you for acknowledging  my feelings. And I’d never do that to Leo” they stopped laughing. “Thanks for the hot chocolate by the way.”


Diane reaches over to hold Shay’s hand and they both sat holding hands and chatting like nothing’s happened.


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